Welcome to my site. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m wheeliegirl, a name I gave myself because I was born with a condition known as spina bifida and use a wheelchair to get around (for now). Before I was even born doctors were already telling my parents all of the things that I would never be able to do. I don’t know about you, but to me that is just wrong, and so were they.

For those who are unfamiliar with spina bifida, allow me to give you some insight about what it is. Spina bifida is a condition that occurs when the spinal cord doesn’t form properly. There are three main types of spina bifida. The first and least severe form of spina bifida is called spina bifida occulta. many with this type never know they have it until the end up going to the doctor to get a back x-ray for something totally unrelated. The second most severe form is called meningocele. and finally the most severe form, the one that I have is called Myelomeningocele. With this form, the spinal cord protrudes outside of the spine and a lesion is created on the back of the newborn. a surgery is required the day the baby is born to close up the lesion on the back.  Spina bifida can occur anywhere along the spina and the higher up on the spine it occurs the more severe symptoms. My level of spina bifida is at the L-4/L-5 level. This basically means everything from my waist down is some how affected. I can use my legs but certain muscles in my legs either don’t work or have limited function. Also, often times spina bifida is accompanied by a condition known as hydrocephalus, this is when fluid builds up around the brain and the body can’t flush it on its own. This requires the placement of a shunt to drain the fluid. Despite having spina bifida, I have huge dreams just like anyone else and I intend to see them through!

Now that all that is out of the way and you understand a little more about what is going on with me, lets talk about the point of this blog. Like i mentioned, since before I was born I was already given a long list of things that I would never be able to do. Well, I absolutely can’t stand people telling me I can’t do something. therefore I have been very determined to prove all the doctors who said I couldn’t do this or I couldn’t do that wrong. My parents were told I would never walk, that I would be in special education all through school and that i would most likely be mentally delayed. Besides the doctors, the media and society have made it seem like people with different abilities, can’t do anything. In this blog I intend to share my experiences and show everyone all of the things that I am doing with my life that doctors and society think are impossible. I will also be discussing my thoughts on different issues relating to having spina bifida. My goal with this is to show the world that people with disabilities can do ANYTHING everyone else can do, even if we have to do it slightly differently. I’d also like to educate people about spina bifida so that those who don’t know about the condition can have a more open mind when they meet someone who has it, and those who do have the condition won’t feel so alone when they realize that someone else in the world is going through the same feelings and issues. I hope you will take the time to read this blog and I look forward to communicating with everyone.If you have any questions feel free to comment on any of my posts or email me. Also I would love it if you have any ideas for blog entries that you would like for me to talk about. please email any ideas you have and I will get to them.  For now, have a beautiful day and keep an open mind.




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